Navmansh chart

House 1 :- represents personality, including the mind, body and ego.

House 2 :- represents nourishment, including family, food and possessions.

House 3 :- represents exploration, communication and expression.

House 4 :- represents boundaries, including the home, mother, security and feelings.

House 5 :- creative energy, education, romance, children, and devotion to God.

House 6 :- represents directing attention —channeling our creative energies— for problem solving and healing services.

House 7 :- represents relationships, including partner, marriage, contracts and commitments.

House 8 :- represents self referral, self insight, and inner experience.

House 9 :- represents Knowledge, values, Dharma, purpose in life, teachers, religion and father.

House 10 :- represents action and career.

House 11 :- represents achievement, gain, income, and connection with society.

House 12 :- represents fulfillments, union of Man and God (Enlightenment), Sacred Places, and oneness of Man and Woman

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